ChemBuster - For Symptoms of Aerial Spraying & Chemical Exposure


ChemBuster is a combination of Herbal and Homoeopathic formula designed for symptoms of aerial spraying and multiple chemical sensitivities and toxicities. Stops health paralysis and moves the body into healing mode, rapidly.

Chembuster was formulated by Dr. William von Peters t...
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ChemBuster is a combination of Herbal and Homoeopathic formula designed for symptoms of aerial spraying and multiple chemical sensitivities and toxicities. Stops health paralysis and moves the body into healing mode, rapidly.

Chembuster was formulated by Dr. William von Peters to combat the effects of Chemtrails, but it works equally well in promoting the removal of all types of toxins from the body, from whatever source.

Dr. von Peters was among the many who noticed the effects of toxic chemical accumulations and the resulting steady increase in chronic diseases being reported in the U.S. and other countries following the appearance of Chemtrails in the sky. ChemBuster was developed specifically to help break up this toxic build up and to help restore our natural healing ability, which has been severely weakened by the barrage of chemicals in our environment.


  • Mycoplasma pneumonae 12X - A Mycoplasma that has been found within Chemtrails.
  • Baryta carb 12X - Barium carbonate has been found as a constituent of Chemtrails.
  • Sabadilla 6X - For people who are sensitive to environmental influences.
  • Taraxacum 6x - Action on the liver. Jaundice with hepatic pain.
  • Achillea millefolium 6X - Action on lungs and mucal system.
  • Juglans nigra 6X - Action on intestines and against parasites
  • Solidago 6x - Action on the liver and kidneys.
  • Quercus glandus spiritus 10x - Action on the spleen.
  • Silybum marianum 6X and ˜ - Action on the liver.
  • Echinacea Augustifolia - 6X and ˜ - Systemic purifier.
  • Cayenne 6X and ˜ - Action on the mucal system.
  • Hydrastis ˜ - Systemic purifier.
  • Alcohol 12%.

Dosage is 6 drops twice daily or as recommended by your Health Professional.

According to the manufacturer of Chembuster:
The various governments have been spraying in the upper atmosphere for a number of years for unknown purposes, good or nefarious, resulting in what has become known as Chemtrails over many parts of the world.

Many people have developed strange symptoms and chronic health problems following the spraying as the various constituents of the Chemtrails have fallen to earth. These constituents have been particularly identified as barium and mycoplasmas. Whether the mycoplasmas are part of the original spraying or become attached to the particulate matter of the Chemtrails is unknown.
Nevertheless, it is known that more and more people are developing strange chronic type conditions which are generally unresponsive to standard medical care, as well as to herbal treatment, due to changes in the internal terrain of the body.

Chemtrails Poisons have caused:

  •     Respiratory Problems and Acute Respiratory Distress.
  •     Chronic Fatigue and Flu-like Symptoms.
  •     Chronic Headaches and Allergies.
  •     Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain.
  •     Mental and Emotional Problems.
  •     Immune System Depletion.
  •     Mysterious, Debilitating and Uncurable Health Problems.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy which is part and parcel of all life on earth, and may well be God's natural energy of life which pervades the earth and its atmosphere. It is believed that the Chemtrails spraying is upsetting the balance between orgone energy and its negative counterpart D-Orgone. Further, Reich showed that an adequate amount of orgone energy must be absorbed by the body to maintain health and normal physical and mental function. It is stated by some that Chemtrail spraying has blocking the absorption of this energy as well as blocking the body function necessary to proper nutrition, elimination and absorption of necessary elements. Chembuster is designed to combat this problem.

Specifically Chembuster is a HomeoHerbal© preparation. HomeoHerbal© products are a creation of Dr. William von Peters and the term HomeoHerbal© is copyrighted by Dr. von Peters and may not be used without his permission. HomeoHerbal© products are a combination of homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies blended especially to obtain a higher level of healing capability in a single product.

Homeopathics largely operate through their energy signature patterns which the body recognises through its electrical and nervous system. Herbals contain the food and nutritive values of the herb, and work through the digestive and alimentary system. When these are combined according to Dr. von Peters' method one gains the best of both systems enabling a more rapid healing response even in situations where no response has been noted previously. In addition, Chembuster is the first remedy designed to be able to be potentiated in its effects by the absorption of orgone energy prior to being taken into the body. The bottle should be placed near an orgonite* device for 5-10 minutes prior to administering the remedy in order for it to be able to be fully charged with orgone when taken. This results in a deeper and faster effect within the body to move the body to a healing response by removing the blockages caused by Chemtrails spraying.

Sensitives have said that placing the Chembuster near orgonite results in 10 times the strength on the energetic level than if just taken as is out of the bottle. This ability to be potentiated by orgonite was deliberately programmed into Chembuster to break up blockages and restore the body's natural healing ability. Yet, as it works with natural orgone energy it is not harmful to the body.

In practice, we are hearing testimonials of near miraculous healing from this powerful remedy. People have reported blood pressure normalising, blood sugar dropping by over 50% and ending the need for injectable insulin, joint problems and pain disappearing, liver and kidney complaints healing, and more. While these are anecdotal stories from users, it indicates the quality of the product, and its ability to help the body normalise and rid itself of toxins.

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