About Us

Quantum Health specialises in providing you with natural and botanical products that:

  • Enhance cellular rejuvenation at a molecular level
  • Accelerate detoxification and elimination processes
  • Optimise hormones and the endocrine system
  • Enrich the body with functional nutrition

Quantum Health has nearly three decades of experience and expertise formulating, manufacturing, distributing and importing products exclusively in Australia. We produce scientifically proven supplements and medicinal teas with a world-wide reputation for excellence.

Our formulations have helped thousands of men and women boost the natural self-repair, detoxification and healing systems of the body. All our supplements were formulated by leading experts in their field who combined esoteric and unprecedented knowledge with practical patient experience.

Our mission is to support customers to regain health, energy, libido and vitality through a combination of health awareness and natural products. Quantum Health shares simple information and practical advice to support you to achieve optimum wellbeing. We have a passion for producing natural products that strengthen your body without harming our environment.

Based in Melbourne, and manufactured in Sydney, Quantum Health’s products are sold exclusively online and via mail order. We are proud to have a long-term customer base, many of whom were ordering from us long before the internet became our primary sales channel! Initially, 70% of our customer base was through mail order, but now most of it is through online sales. However, we still welcome orders sent via the mail and many of our orders are still received this way!

It's an honour to maximise the vitality and health of our customers whilst providing unique, rejuvenating, natural products that empower and uplift. If you have any questions or need support to know how to maximise your wellness right now, simply get in contact and we’ll be glad to assist you.