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Prosamin™ high-strength formulation of clinically effective herbs and minerals proven to reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate with regular treatment.  Developed, licensed and manufactured in Australia. Risk free purchase with our ‘Bottom of the Bottle’ guarantee ensuring your satisfaction.

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Prosamin™ high-strength formulation of clinically effective herbs and minerals proven to reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate with regular treatment.  Developed, licensed and manufactured in Australia. Risk free purchase with our ‘Bottom of the Bottle’ guarantee ensuring your satisfaction.

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“After 2 months of using Prosamin I now go just once a night and instead of taking 10 minutes, it only takes 2 minutes to empty my bladder. My sexual function has improved markedly as well.” Age 65, N.S.W.


Prostate enlargement is a distressing and progressive urogenital condition with symptoms which usually worsen with time. Nearly half of all men over 60 experience urinary issues as a result of prostate enlargement.

Prosamin significantly reduces or in many cases totally eliminates urinary symptoms including: frequent and sudden urges to urinate; difficulty urinating, and incontinence. Decreased sexual function, virility and stamina can also be dramatically improved with this potent botanical and mineral formulation.

Medical and surgical treatments for an enlarged prostate have multiple unwanted effects including impotence and reduced libido. Prosamin tackles the root cause of prostate dysfunction with bioactive compounds which balance and nourish the prostate directly.


Prosamin combines active ingredients, at clinically effective doses, that have been scientifically proven to benefit the prostate:

Curcurbitapepo (Pumpkin Seed Oil) has been clinically shown to reduce urinary symptoms resulting from enlarged prostate by up to 50%. The oil is high in alanine, glycine and glutamic acid which nourish tissues and at the same time it inhibits the conversion of testosterone into problematic dihydrotestosterone that causes the prostate to grow.

Linum Usitatissimun (FlaxseedOil) is a potent source of lignans that help you bind and eliminate excess testosterone. Lignans reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone via the same enzyme pathway targeted by pharmaceutical drugs. Lignans are anti-oxidant polypehols which reduce cellular stress and nourish sperm. Clinical studies have shown flaxseed is a therapeutically effective treatment for prostate enlargement comparable to pharmaceutical interventions.

Lycopersiconesculentum (Tomato Lycopene) has been repeatedly shown to lower the risk of prostate disease and reduce prostate enlargement. Studies in Norway concluded that “Lycopene has beneficial effects on the prostate and several mechanisms of action have been identified in laboratory and clinical studies”. The potent anti-oxidant and carotenoid phytonutrient reduces urinary symptoms and at the same time supports long-term cardiovascular health.

Serenoarepens (Saw Palmetto) is an ancient remedy for prostate issues repeatedly proven to benefit prostate health. It blocks the enzyme that creates dihydrotestosterone and in clinical studies 88% of men diagnosed with prostate enlargement experienced dramatic relief of their symptoms.

Research has shown it improves urologic symptoms as well as pharmaceutical treatments but with fewer side effects. Saw palmetto inhibits up to 90 percent of the transformation of testosterone into the troublesome dihydrotestosterone that enlarges the prostate and causes male pattern baldness.

Selenium is a mineral vital for prostate and immune health. Selenium is needed for specific proteins which support the immune system and thyroid gland. Getting enough selenium benefits the prostate and reduces the risk of some cancers.

Zinc is another mineral vital for prostate function and is essential for male potency. Low zinc levels decrease interest in sex and affect your prostate. The prostate gland contains a higher concentration of zinc than any other organ in the body and zinc deficiency can predict prostate disease. Zinc inhibits enzymes which make dihydrotestosterone and protects cells from oxidative damage while increasing rates of cellular repair.

Prosamin is a unique formula derived from natural ingredients and contains no dairy, egg, gluten, lactose, nuts, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives, and it’s GMO free.

Prosamin™ is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Licence No. 281008.

Who should use it?

TREATMENT: Prosamin™ for Men is suitable for men of any age who have been diagnosed with BPH or who have an enlarged prostate, free of malignancy.

PREVENTION: Prosamin™ for Men can also be taken by men who wish to prevent prostate enlargement and urinary issues from occurring. Preventative treatment can be started as young as 35 to directly nourish the prostate ensuring the long-term health of the entire urogenital and reproductive systems.

How do I use it?

Take one capsule, twice daily (one in the morning and one in the evening after food) or as directed by a healthcare professional. Results typically appear between 6 to 12 weeks as the nutrients are assimilated into your body and a 6-month treatment cycle is recommended.

What changes should I expect?

Each bottle of Prosamin contains 60 high-strength capsules taken over one month.


  • The high-strength formula directly nourishes cells of the prostate
  • Production of dihydrotestosterone is reduced and prostate growth slows
  • As new cells are produced they incorporate the essential nutrients
  • Many men experience some symptom relief, e.g. less pain or tenderness


  • The prostate starts to shrink as dihydrotestosterone levels drop
  • Urinary restriction and urgency is reduced, urination is more comfortable
  • Bladder control is improved as muscle strength is enhanced
  • Most men feel a greater sense of urinary control and significant pain reduction


  • Nutrients have been fully assimilated into new cells and tissues
  • Testosterone levels increase as dihydrotestosterone levels drop
  • Libido and erection control are improved with the increased testosterone
  • The majority of men experience significant reduction in symptoms


  • Improved blood flow nourishes the prostate and surrounding tissues
  • Detoxification and elimination is enhanced as cells thrive
  • Urinary flow is improved further as the prostate shrinks
  • Urinary symptoms have virtually disappeared and energy is enhanced


  • The urogenital system has been rebuilt at a cellular level
  • Male hormones are balanced and virility enhanced
  • The size of the prostate is now sub-clinical
  • Urinary symptoms are no longer present


  • The prostate continues to shrink to normal size
  • Bladder musculature is restored
  • Libido and sexual health is maximised
  • Expect to be completely symptom free

Please note that these are typical experiences and individual experience may vary depending on lifestyle, nutrition and health status. You can accelerate results further by following our lifestyle recommendations for prostate health.

Risk Free Purchase and our “Bottom of the Bottle” Guarantee

Quantum Health proudly offers you our famous ‘Bottom of the Bottle’ 12-month guarantee.

If you take Prosamin for 12 months and aren’t satisfied with the results, for any reason at all, you may return any unused portion for a full 100% money-back refund. Simply send us back the full or half-full bottles and we’ll refund them.

But, it gets better! If you feel you haven’t got ANY relief at all (which is exceptionally rare) send us back the empty bottles too and we’ll refund those as well. Yes you heard us correctly; try out Prosamin for a year, totally risk free. By the way, nobody has ever taken us up on this generous guarantee, all we get is letters from men (and women) telling us how amazing life is now that urgent and painful toilet stops no longer interfere with their day!

Shipping and Payment Options

Quantum Health offers an interest free payment plan available with afterpay, simply select this during the check-out process to spread out your payments. Shipping costs are calculated based on your location: within Australia ($8.95 Standard Australia wide or $13.95 Express) or International ($30.00)

Order now to protect your prostate!

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