Sir Jason Winters Medicinal Tea
Born in England into a working class family, Jason was 17 before he rode for the first time in a car, or ate at a restaurant. With a driving passion and dream, Jason immigrated to Canada where he lived a life rich in travel and adventures. Jason crossed the Canadian Rocky Mountains by balloon, travelled the Mackenzie River by canoe to the Arctic Ocean, hunted polar bears in Alaska and kangaroos in Australia. Jason’s global adventures spanned 20 years however his biggest and may be most challenging journey came when facing death with a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

As a cancer patient given three month to live, Jason Winters refused surgery and travelled the world in search of the ultimate herbal remedy. Jason developed a natural treatment founded in knowledge of ancient health remedies that achieved him total remission. Jason cured himself using natural methods and shares his knowledge and experiences for the benefit of cancer patients and others seeking to avoid the condition. 

The natural herbs in Jason Winters's unique tea blends interact together to act as a powerful blood detoxifier which may assist in removing impurities from the body. With each ingredient in the tea blends complementing and highlighting the individual properties of the other, Jason Winters's teas are heavenly in taste and support detoxification and the maintenance of good health and wellbeing. 

Jason Winters's teas can be taken to support and revitalise the body and boost the immune system. These teas can be taken to help prevent the onset of cancer and treatment of cancer.   


Jason Winters’s Original Blend is a delicious natural tea blend of red clover, Indian sage and the trademark Herbalene® Blend spices or special spices on a base of oolong tea. This medicinal tea is available in a:

  • 142g Loose leaf tea canister
  • Box of 20 tea bags
  • 4oz. Pre-brewed tea canister

The Original Blend tea is also available on a green tea base. See Green Tea with Spices (30 tea bags)

Jason Winters Chaparral Blend is an healing combination of red clover, chaparral, gotu kola and the trademark Herbalene® blend spice on a base of oolong tea. The addition of chaparral enhances the antioxidant properties of the tea and further assists the detoxification of the body and blood.  The chaparral tea is available in a:

  • Pre-brewed Tea Bags
  • 5oz Loose Leaf Canister

The Jason Winters tea blends are all natural and contain no added colours, flavours or preservatives.

 Xian capsules are rich in many potent antioxidant ingredients including Indian sage leaf, selenium, gotu kola herb and capsicum, all of which work together to reduce inflammation within the body. These powerful antioxidant ingredients may assist the body in preserving the integrity and function of cells and tissues by preventing free radical damage to these structures. Xian may support the health of the immune and digestive system reducing the likelihood of illness and stress within the body.

Jason Winters is committed to sharing knowledge on health and natural therapies and so has released a number of books to guide you on the path to restoring optimal health.

First published in 1980, The Sir Jason Winters Story: Killing Cancer shares the remarkable life story of Sir Jason Winters. With a diagnosis of terminal cancer and three months to live, Jason refused major surgery and travelled the world in search of an alternate herbal remedy. After crossing continents and learning about ancient medical practices and healing herbs, Jason achieved total remission. Sir Jason Winters shares his personal experience of terminal cancer in his worldwide best selling health book that has been published in 15 languages for the benefit of cancer patients and others seeking to avoid the illness. Jason was an avid adventurer, however, his exploration into ancient health cultures and discovering his unique Herbalene® blend to cure terminal cancer may have been his biggest adventure of all.

In his second book,  Death Begins in the Colon: In Search for the Perfect Cleanse, Jason takes readers on a journey from Las Vegas to Tibet, Denmark to the Bahamas and from Poland to Hollywood as he delves further into ancient health remedies, and shares his in-depth knowledge of health gained through personal experience and learning from ancient cultures. This book replaces all the thousands of self-help books that just did not work and assists you to cleanse the mind, nerves, blood, cells, colon, simply and easily!

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