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It Now Only Takes 2 Minutes To Empty My Bladder instead of 10 minutes!

 For the past 20 year’s I’ve had trouble with my prostate. Every night I’d have to get up three times to urinate and this was a long and slow process as it would only dribble out and not empty completely.

I visit my Doctor annually for blood and other tests and he recommended I use prostate drugs to help with the problem. These drugs made absolutely no difference and my Doctor then suggested a rebore to alleviate the problem which I was not keen to go through with. So I just put up with the problem.

A few months ago I was told about Prosamin™ and decided to give it a go. After using Prosamin™ for a month, I noticed that the need to get up every two to three hours each night had extended out to 5 or 6 hours. Now, I go once a night and instead of taking 10 minutes, it now only takes 2 minutes to empty my bladder.

At 2 months now, its even better, and my sexual function has improved markedly as well.
This product is obviously reducing the symptoms I have dealt with for 20 years. Thank you for introducing me to Prosamin™- I am looking forward to a much more comfortable and contented life.

G.D., Age 65, Comboyne, NSW



Change to Prosamin, Pocket the Savings and get a Better Result!

“For over 2 years I have been battling severe prostate problems, while waiting to be admitted to the surgery for an operation.

One day I spotted an advertisement in a local paper for Prosamin and bought 8 bottles of capsules, which I swallowed them over the past 8 months, which after only a couple of weeks returned my problem to being almost normal.

When I ran out, my urologist put me on to flowmaxtra tablets, which after only a few days, my prostate problems returned. I soon moved onto 2 per day, which I still experienced the 10 minutes per toilet visit.

...the Prosamin tablets cost considerably less than the flowmaxtra tablets at $63.00 including pensioner and Aust Health subsidy. I suggest anyone on flowmaxtra for prostate problems should change to Prosamin and pocket the savings and get a better result! Thank you Quantum Health”

R.W.Smith, Muswellbrook, NSW



I Found Your Product To Be Very Effective!

“I would like to say how happy I am with your Prosamin product. I used to have to get up 5-6 times in the night, now only 1-2 times a night. That’s in a 9 hour night.”

B.A., Bundaberg, QLD



Great Improvement In My Number Of Nightly Visits!

“I am now using the third bottle of Prosamin tablets which you sent to me in September. By the time I finished the second bottle, I could see a great improvement in my number of nightly visits to the toilet. Instead of 2-3 visits to urinate, I can mostly manage on just one visit … I would like to order another 3 bottles.”

D.H, Armatree, NSW.



The Wife’s Story!

“My husband was introduced to Prosamin about nine months ago, and I’d like to express my thanks to you and your team for putting together this very helpful product. For 15 years my husband has been getting out of bed two and three times through the night to go to the toilet, only to return grumpy and frustrated. Not only was he suffering… but so was I. Within a few months of taking Prosamin, he began sleeping through most nights without the need to visit the toilet and is now enjoying renewed energy levels and a returned libido.”

B.D,Comboyne, NSW.



Healthly Sexual Function

 After taking Prosamin™ for about 6 weeks, I’m now only getting up every 5 hours instead of every hour.

Also, another great thing that has happened to me in the last month of taking Prosamin™ is that it has helped to maintain my sexual function and reproductive system… Thank you.

My wife and I just thought I had a low libido because I was working night shift but we now know this was not the case.

My wife now jokes that I’ll have to get all this lovemaking somewhere else HA HA.

Once again thank you.

K.P., Age 50, Canungra QLD



Most Nights I Manage To Pass Urine Only Once!

“… I have been using Prosamin now for about one month or more and am pleased to report most nights I now manage to pass urine only once between 10pm and about 5- 5.30am which is less often than before most nights.”

K.B Katanning, W.A



My Symptoms are No Longer a Problem!

“I began getting an urgent need to race to the loo, and at night I was getting the call two or three times. I had read about Prosamin… so I decided to give it a go… by the time I had finished the first bottle, I noticed an improvement. After going through the second bottle, my problem was no longer a problem. Now, I am sleeping right through now without a loo call.”

K.Mahony, Port Macquarie, NSW.



My Lifestyle Has Improved!

“I am writing today to tell you how my life has changed since taking Prosamin. I now only have to get up twice a night instead of 4 or 5 times, and I find it much more comfortable and can empty my bladder completely now. I am very pleased with your product.”

R.O. Geurie, NSW.



Stronger Urine Flow

“I have been diagnosed with BPH. I suffered for 18 months with weak urine flow, interrupted sleep due to the need to urinate several times during the night, inability to empty bladder and difficulty in holding urine resulting in the need to urinate immediately and having to strain to begin to urinate.
I have tried other therapies with out relief.


Having read about Prosamin™, I decided to answer the advertisement. On receiving your information, an order was placed and I commenced the Prosamin™ treatment on the 24th July 2006.


It’s my pleasure to inform you that after 8 weeks of taking Prosamin™ I am starting to show welcome relief and benefit in the following areas:


  • 1 or 2 trips to the bath room of a night down from 4 plus
  • Stronger urine flow.
  • Better results in emptying my bladder
  • Reduction in difficulty in postponing urination
  • No more having to strain to begin urination

Prosamin™ is showing results for me and I am very pleased with the results so far.”

G.W. Age 65, Goulburn, NSW



Prosamin Has Improved My Lifestyle and My Sleeping!

“Prosamin has improved my lifestyle and my sleeping. I no longer have to plan my outings around comfort stops. I mostly only have one trip (quite often none) to the toilet a night and one great improvement is I don’t have any leaking… thank you for your great work. I have recommended Prosamin to a few of my mates...”

R.W Cotton Tree QLD.



Happy With the Results!

“I am writing to let you know that about two weeks ago, after taking two daily capsules of Prosamin for the previous 2 ½ months, Prosamin “kicked in” and at once I experienced some results. All of a sudden as it were, I was sleeping soundly only getting up twice most nights to go to the bathroom. It was a great relief after what I was experiencing beforehand, when I had been going to the bathroom many times during the night. As your pamphlets advised, I had to be patient and persevering, and I’m glad I did.”

A.R. Guildford, W.A.



Joint Pain


This stuff really works magic


“Thanks for the trial of JointFIZZ. I decided to take two doses per day for the last 2 days and this stuff really works magic! I have suffered with joint pain for years, but JointFIZZ certainly works for me. While I still have some pain, 90% of the pain is gone” Thanks again.


Ralph E. Hallidays Point, NSW.



It dissolves instantly!


It dissolves instantly and tastes great. I look forward to taking JointFIZZ because I know it really works in freeing up my stiff joints. Since taking JointFIZZ, I'm getting back to my old self and enjoying all the things I love to do. I even go for afternoon walks... something I haven't done in years.


B.J, Sydney



My Joints Feel Better


After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the facet joint (lower back) and growth spurs in the upper back and neck, I was advised by my doctor to use a glucosamine product to ease the pain. So I tried a few brands of pills – they were all huge tablets that left a bad taste in my mouth. Then I found JointFIZZ. No huge tablets to try and swallow… and I found it to work great! My joints feel better. Soreness has faded away and I am not as stiff.


K Thomas, Leichardt, Sydney, NSW.



CSIRO Diabetes & Lifestyle Book

Quick delivery of my book


Thank you for such quick delivery of my book, I only ordered it yesterday and I live in a remote area in East Gippsland and it was delivered to my door this morning - amazing! Will certainly have no problem telling friends about it. Cheers


Beryl K. Cabbage Tree, VIC.