Percy Weston Products – Health Care

Who is Percy Weston?
Until his recent death at more than 100 years old, Percy Weston had been a farmer for much
of the past century in the beautiful Ovens Valley of south-eastern Australia where his grand-
parents settled during the goldrush. The family homestead, Riltrin, which he built himself,
has views of Mount Buffalo and the Victorian Alps. This haven of horticulture, with extensive
nut groves
, green orchards, vegetable gardens and paddocks of grazing sheep, has its own
spring-water supply and allows the residents to be live simply off the land.
In his late teens, Percy Weston won a scholarship to study science and so igniting his
passion for knowledge and growing his thorough understanding in the sciences. Percy would
have gone on to a medical career had his father not suffered hardship at the hands of daring
cattle thieves. Percy found himself back on the farm and having to study nature closely and
follow the practices of his pioneering parents in order to keep his crops, livestock and family
healthy. This haven of horticulture became Percy’s living laboratory where he developed his
cancer curing powdered formula.
The Percy Weston's products are an amazing range of
natural vitamin and mineral
supplements taken to complement modern diets which are lacking in many essential
vitamins and minerals. These natural based supplements replenish the body’s vitamin,
mineral and antioxidants stores supporting the health of all the body systems and assisting
you to reach a state of optimal health and wellbeing